"Ensuring quality throughout construction requires focused and repeated inspections of critical systems. Our on-site construction observations are performed to help identify issues early to enable quick remedial action."

Blue Quality Services performs on-site observations during the critical phases of construction to verify installation, evaluate progress, and to check for general conformance with plans and specifications. Our skilled Field Services Team acts as your third party representative, verifying correct installation of enclosure systems. 


Typically, the frequency of visits occurs on a daily or weekly basis, but can be tailored specifically to unique project goals, including observations of repairs of existing buildings. We typically review the following for conformance with the construction documents, manufacturer’s requirements, and best practices.  

  • Window, door, & roof systems
  •  Vapor barriers for slab systems
  • Glazed aluminum window walls
  • Air and moisture membranes  

If a daily site presence meets your needs, our visits will occur for several hours each work day (M-F), with an electronic report issued weekly. Following each day’s visit, we walk through with designated contractor’s representative new issues, resolved issues, concerns, observations and other findings, as well as documenting our findings in a written preliminary field report.  


In addition to construction quality assurance, Blue Quality Services provides roof assessments and regular maintenance inspections by the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) Registered Roofing Observers and Consultants. Regular inspections are essential for successful roof management and reduce ownership costs, reduce leak frequency and severity, and extend the overall life of the roof. 


Blue Quality Services technicians are International Code Council (ICC) Certified Commercial Energy Inspectors. Performing an Energy Code Inspection is a cost effective way to ensure the energy consuming aspects of a building meet code requirements. Some jurisdictions require this inspection prior to turnover and obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. Our certified inspectors visit the building to ensure all building components comply with the International Energy Code before the contractor requests the final inspection from the city.