Diagnostic Services

In addition to new construction quality assurance and performance testing, Blue Quality Services also provides a number of diagnostic services to uncover root causes of water infiltration or energy loss occurring in existing buildings. Our diagnostic services include testing, damage assessment survey, actionable repair recommendations, and repair observations.

Diagnostic Testing


Depending on the severity or complexity of the leakage, investigative water penetration testing is performed to uncover the true source of water infiltration. While a leaky window may look like the source of water damage, in reality it most likely is the surrounding construction that requires simple repairs. Blue Quality Services offers a variety of non-destructive testing procedures including AAMA 511, modified ASTM, and Infrared Thermography.


To assess the damage to the existing structure, our team reviews available project documents including shop drawings, specifications, and submittals to understand design intent. By reviewing maintenance records and visiting the project site to assess the interior and exterior of the building, our team can identify the possible source and severity of water leaks.


After assessment and testing is complete, our team can provide recommendations for best practice repair strategies in a comprehensive report. During repair initiatives, we recommend a member of our field services team is onsite to document conformance with the construction documents, manufacturer’s requirements, and owner’s project goals.